Welcome to Orchestra!

Want to join middle school orchestra? Here’s how:

1. Click on your school link to choose an appointment to be sized for your instrument.

At this appointment, you will meet your orchestra teacher, be able to ask questions, be sized for your instrument, and be given rental information. If you aren’t sure whether you want to be in orchestra, you can still make an appointment! We will show you the instrument choices, demonstrate them for you, and help you decide whether orchestra is a good fit for you.

2. Listen to the instrument choices to see which one you like the sound of best.

Check out the instrument choices here. Generally, if you like how the instrument sounds, you will enjoy playing it.

‚Äč3. Choose orchestra as your first elective choice during schedule sign up.

Even if you are not sure, go ahead and sign up. During your sizing appointment, we can help you decide if orchestra is the right fit for you.